Case Study

Local Dental Clinic

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Date: February 2019
Client: Local based Clinic
Industry: Dental
The Problem

A local based dental clinic had a water main burst right over all their network equipment. Water got into everything and proceeded to flood the entire clinic with inches of water. It happened on a Friday night, meaning nobody found out about it until Monday morning when we got the call to help.

Stega immediately moved all the non-flooded equipment to a secondary site where a self-contained network was created and was able to keep their core services running. We set up stations within the site allowing them to call patients and reschedule all appointments to different locations. Luckily, the client had multiple dental locations throughout the city and was able to successfully move patients around to their appointments.

As the floors and walls were being gutted, we were in charge of removing all the televisions, cables, wires, monitors, access points, network racks, and modems, and reinstall them after construction was completed.

Dental clinic flood
Our Goals

Our rapid deployment ensured the client it would be completed in time.

and remodel

We sourced brand-new equipment to replace damaged goods and fit with their new layout.

and Reclaim

Stega re-used any old undamaged equipment to save costs.


We allowed our client to retain their patients despite the incident.

Our Solution
Small wall-mounted IT server rack

It’s exactly the type of work Stega often completes when building a new clinic, except in this case, we were challenged to reuse anything not damaged in the flood. We worked with the client from start to finish, from planning to purchasing to the implementation of their tech equipment, to making sure every device has a proper connection and works as it’s supposed to.

These types of projects are always time-sensitive. As soon as they were done construction, they wanted to open. Cabling needed to be done during construction and we were only allowed to bring all the equipment in and properly set up after construction was done.

Stega Networks was able to successfully replace the damaged materials, acquire and install new pieces of hardware and provide upgrades to the current system; all on time and within budget.