Case Study

J-Squared Technologies Inc.

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Date: April 2020
Client: J-Squared Technologies Inc.
Industry: Custom Electronic Systems
The Problem

J-squared had an ongoing problem with their VPN (Virtual Private Network) and wasn’t able to connect to their servers properly. They had issued several service tickets through Stega’s ticketing system for the same recurring issue and it was time for us to tackle the problem.

Staff were experiencing VPN crashes, connection drops and connectivity issues. The VPN would sometimes disconnect during critical projects and would create a loss of data. With expenses adding up from using their VPN, J-squared requested Stega to look into it.

Especially with Covid-19 picking up speed, it was vital for the remote workers of J-squared to be able to properly connect to their VPNs. Instead of relying on quick workarounds to fixing their issue, Stega knew it was best to implement a proper solution and one that would last.

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Our Goals

Stega ensured the VPN was easy to use and can be used by any employee.


We provided brand-new equipment to replace damaged goods and go with their new layout.

Safe and Secure

Stega made sure the connections between communications will be strong and steady.


Our rapid deployment ensured the project would be completed on time.

Our Solution
Small wall-mounted IT server rack

J-squared needed a strong, reliable VPN that can work on any of their devices. We got to work and had begun to configure and implement an open source VPN solution that is compatible on any operating system including Windows, and Linux, without limiting the amount of users.

The best part of the installation? The fact that the VPN was free! And is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use multiprotocol VPNs in the market. Not only were we able to fix their recurring connectivity issues, but we were able to find a solution that was cost effective.

The staff at J-squared were ecstatic to be able to use their advanced VPN and have not had any problems since (fingers crossed!)! We were able to provide user training to employees and was thankfully completed right as the pandemic began, ensuring our client can continue their operations without any more interruptions.